January 15

Week 20

This was a very good week we made a song called snack of the week because the P.T.O gives us a free snack on Friday. We also have new reading buddies were going to be reading on an app named Epic it’s kind of like Netflix but with books. And we finished our movie trailers that we made based off of books we read. We also got into teams and started making music on lap tops. Thats the reason why this was a good week.IMG_5288

January 6

Week 18

This was the best week ever we had a field trip to wonder works we got on so many rides. we also had a very good lunch. the day after that we had a holiday party it was very fun we had pizza and played on our mobile divides. This was probably the best school week of this year.IMG_5024

November 20

Week 15!

This week was awesome. At school I had turkey,ham,stuffing,mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. I went outside and played with my friends. and soon we are going to have a party. also next week we get to bring our electronics. this week was so cool!

November 13

Week 14

This week was great. We had a kahoot as usual it was fun. ThanksGiving is next week I’m looking forward to that. Our class created a new commercial. We had to write things about thanksgiving also. those were the things we did this week for ThanksGiving I’m going to Washington D.C to see my cousins. Those are the the thing that happened this week.

October 30


This week was so cool. we had a Halloween party ,and wrote letters to Russia. We wrote even more letters like we wrote to Ghana. The kids in kindergarten went around school to show what the wanted to be when they grow up. Thats why this week was cool.File Oct 30, 6 02 53 AM

October 23

week 11

This week was the best. We had a haunted house to get money for people in need. We raised $801. To get people to come we aired commercials. We even wrote letters to Ghanamala. That what was cool about this week.