May 13

Week 35

This is the first to last week next week is the last one im looking forward to it beacuse its going to be fun. but this week we had nthe Q annd U weding  for the kindergardeners. The students and teatchures are having a basketball game at ressecs. Later the 4th grade students are going to have a talent show. The classes in fifth grad eget to have 2 ressescs. im very excited for next week i cant wait

May 6

week 34

This week my class and I had a lot to do. On Tuesday some one from KARM came to show a presentation to tells us about KARM and what they do there. Then on Wednesday we went to KARM and we met a person named Mrs.Dorris she was in the video/presentation. We also started filming our new movies that was fun. I really liked this week i can’t wait for the last 2.


April 29

Week 33

The end of fifth grade and my years at RockyHill are coming to an end. Everyone  is glad that the year is over but most of us in fifth grade is sad about leaving, we’ve been here for 5 years we are going to miss our teachers and our friends. Other people are happy to leave because its a new chapter in their life new friends, new teachers, and new schools. But the year isn’t over yet we still have a few weeks left so that means we have to make them the greatest yet we have the Q and U wedding for the younger kids to look forward to, all kids will have field day,and this week we did TN Ready test but because the test people couldn’t get all the materials together so  we only had to do half, i wish that they could get the stuff together so we could have candy,extra recess, and less work. Some kids also got their year books, I got to sign a few. If you want my opinion this has been the best year of my life at RockyHill Elementary

April 22

Week 32

Just four more weeks until the end of school Every one is excited for it personally i am to. But its time to talk about this week, we are starting to finish our movie scripts, we also earned candy for getting 100% on tests. A few days ago my class and I went to a soul singer concert in our school gym there were kids from fifth grade classes, fourth grade, and third grade classes.  Every thing that happened this week was cool i can’t wait to see what happens the last week of school!

April 8

Week 30

It’s nearing end of school just one month and two weeks left.First a girl named Finley in our class won an art award. Second our school went up against another in a track meet. Finally my class is making new songs and movie. In my book this was a very predictive week.File Apr 08, 9 06 57 AM

April 1

Week 29

This was a very busy week we’ve been preparing for our play .I got to be Elvis in the the play, it was about rock n’ roll. Our home room teacher Mrs. Cain tricked that every one had 30 minutes off of recess but she didn’t fool me I kew that today was April 1st. we also have been working on songs they’re coming along well, but like I said this has been a very busy week but an accomplished one.File Apr 01, 8 31 57 AM

March 21

My Spring Break

Last week we had spring break,its a time where you get out of school for 1 week. I went to go see someone I haven’t in a long time it took us 8 hours to get there but it wasn’t long because i went to sleep through most of it. once we got there it was really early no one was awake except a our grandpa  so we waited and the little kids that were there made a lot of noise crying, running, and jumping it made every one wake up in my opinion it was really funny. These are the things I did while I was over there ( swimming, horse back riding, and played out side.).

March 11


This week we did all kinds of things. We have a vegtable garden now. we also are writing a resarch on what we want to be. We are also about to go on spring break.IMG_5906

February 26


IMG_5770This week was very busy on Wednesday we had dad and donuts. On Thursday people from UT came and played songs on Steel Drums. We also made songs that Bill Gates get to listen to. Thats the reason why this week was busy

January 29

week 21

This was a very good week we started Haney’s court and we also finished our songs i think they sound pretty good. And there was a day were our teachers wore superhero outfits.IMG_5547